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Truck Accidents

They are large, heavy, travel fast, and are deadly. In a blink of an eye, a serious or fatal collision with a semi-truck can occur. Too often the collision is between a large truck and a passenger vehicle and the end result is always tragic.
The state, federal, and tribal highways of New Mexico, Pueblo Country, and the Navajo Nation, are a major thoroughfare for commercial vehicles traveling cross-country. As these are some of the most heavily traveled commercial trucking routes in the country, 18 wheeler accident are far too common.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving an 18 wheeler or other large truck, the Barudin Law Firm can stand at your side and protect your interests. We represent injured people in personal injury lawsuits and the families of the victims of negligence in wrongful death claims. We see semi-trucks all the time as we travel on I-25, or I-40, as well as the county, tribal and local roads. These big rigs travel all over the state through federal and tribal roads of New Mexico and Arizona. Each year there are unfortunate collisions with these trucks, either by other automobiles, pedestrians, or bicycles. These collisions are often serious and fatal.
Truck cases involve different rules, evidence, insurance coverage and insurance issues, and duties of the trucker and the truck company in putting these big rigs on the road. Exhausted and tired truck drivers can be the sad cause of such collisions, as well as faulty equipment and deficient inspections. Also, failing to properly keep the state and federally required log books can lead to such serious injury and deaths.

At the Barudin Law Firm, we are familiar with the federal and state laws governing over truck operations and the rules and regulations which must be followed. Obtaining the trucker’s log books and being sure that the driver was drug and alcohol tested are but some of the few things we obtain to investigate any wrongdoing. Finding a truck accident lawyer who cares about how you and your loved ones are treated in the event of a truck accident is one of the most important decisions you can make. We are prepared to work with the investigators and experts on your case. We regularly turn to accident reconstruction experts and mechanical experts to see that we have all the facts. We are truly committed to getting you favorable results in your truck accident case.

Truck accidents often result in death or serious injuries and long-term consequences, such as brain injuries or spinal cord injuries. If someone you love has suffered a life altering injury or become permanently disabled, it is important to ensure that they have the resources necessary to address the full consequences of their injuries.