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Premises Liability

A premises liability claim is when you get injured at a store, restaurant, mall, school, or anywhere outside of your home. Often, the owner will claim that it is your fault and you were not watching where you were going or you had something in your hands and were not paying attention. In any event, you are claiming that there was something wrong with their premises, their property, or their equipment which caused you to get hurt.

A premises liability case will always require investigation, including photographs and videos of the condition of the premises which caused you to get hurt. Witness statements will also be of great importance so that there will be an independent set of eyes and ears to support your claim.

Such preparation is critical in the early stages of a case so that any evidence which may be required to win the case is preserved and protected from being destroyed. We personally prepare every case as if it will go to trial. Such preparation has earned Barudin Law Firm the representation of being an AV rated law firm and a member of the Super Lawyers of the Southwest. The insurance companies know we are able and willing to go to court and fight for you.

We limit the number of cases that we handle to make sure that each case gets personal and timely attention. Neither you nor your case will get lost in the shuffle at Barudin Law Firm. Decades of following this approach to representing accident, personal injury, and wrongful death victims has resulted in our firm having the highest possible rating for both competence and ethics.