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Birth Injuries

Our children give us the greatest joy in life. We plan for their arrival, decorate their nursery room, buy the essentials to welcome them to our homes, and pray that their birth will be as easy as possible and without any problems. Unfortunately, there are times when such fears come to be and we are faced with medical and professional difficulties and serious mistakes which can permanently harm or kill our child and impact our lives forever. A birth injury is a physical injury to a baby that can be caused by medical negligence during labor or delivery. It is always devastating when a child is harmed in the beginning of life. It is important to understand what went wrong and whether it could have been prevented.


At Barudin Law Firm, we know that such birth injuries to our loved ones and families are disastrous and forever leave a mark. Too often the medical errors could have been avoided if the hospital, clinic, and physicians or mid wives had been properly trained and were attentive to the needs of the child and mother.  We know that such medical errors can be avoided.


If you or a loved one has had such experiences of births involving shoulder dystocia, cerebral palsy, Erb’s palsy, brain injuries, death, or other avoidable birthing injuries, the Barudin Law Firm is ready to represent you and your family. It is important to act promptly on your child’s birth injury case. Birth injury laws exist to help families with children who have been injured during birth. We have successfully undertaken these tragic cases against hospitals, private practitioners, and midwives in federal and state court. These cases are complicated and expensive in fighting against the hospital, the doctors, nurses, and the insurance companies. While there are no guarantees in any litigation, Barudin Law Firm assembles a legal team which includes a physician and attorneys who have undertaken such claims. Each case is prepared for trial and expert witnesses are required to be hired to testify that there was a breach in the standard of care and that negligence caused the damages or death to the child and family.


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