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Surgical Medical Malpractice

We all have heard stories of the hospital and doctors cutting off the wrong leg or foot or some other surgical error. This is a clear case of medical negligence and one the Barudin Law Firm is prepared to address. Mistakes like these are unfortunate but happen too often.
Surgical errors can be more subtle than the improper removal of the wrong leg, toe, or other body parts. It can be when a failed laparoscopic surgery for a gallbladder removal cuts an artery or duct, and thereafter escalates into an open surgical procedure causing internal bleeding. Surgical errors could also happen when sepsis is developed in a patient and the doctors and hospital fail to immediately intervene to halt this infection. Such infection is deadly and can often occur with surgical errors.

At the Barudin Law Firm, we have represented patients who have been harmed by surgical errors. These cases require expert medical witnesses who are retained to review the medical records and render a medical opinion as to the medical causation of the surgical error. Each of these cases is prepared for trial in the event that the insurance company does not want to accept liability or to compensate the victim or their family.

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