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State Cases

Declaratory Judgment granted against the State of Alaska Limited Entry Commission for a Yupik Eskimo family fishing permit – (1982)

Regulatory case on behalf of New Mexico utility ratepayers establishing utility charges for advertising to be paid by shareholders and not New Mexico ratepayers El Paso Electric Company v. New Mexico Public Service Commission, 103 N.M. 300 706 P.2d 511 (S. Ct. 1985)

Wrongful death medical malpractice against emergency room physician - (McKinley County District Court) $1,250,000 - Plaintiff Jury Verdict (2000)

Liquor liability (dram shop) against Gallup bar – wrongful death settlement McKinley County District Court - $850,000 (1999)

Medical malpractice settlement for anoxic brain injury for 8 year old boy following tonsillectomy – Bernalillo County District Court $1,950,000 (2007)

Products liability wrongful death settlement with car manufacturer and operator for motor vehicle collision killing New Mexico Marine Corps Corporal – Santa Fe District Court - $1,500,000 (2007)

Liquor liability (dram shop) settlement for personal injuries against Gallup bar – Santa Fe District Court $300,000 (2008)

Personal injury settlement with New Mexico Highway Department and horse owner– Santa Fe District Court - $300,000 (2009)

Personal injury trial against retail store for negligent installation of baby changing table – Plaintiff Jury Verdict - McKinley County District Court – Plaintiff verdict $450,000 (2009)

Medical malpractice wrongful death settlement with hospital – McKinley County District Court - $340,000 (2009)

Nursing home wrongful death settlement – Bernalillo County District Court - $1,500,000 (2010)

Wrongful death auto collision settlement –McKinley County District Court - $125,000 (2010)

Wrongful death claim against school district for wrongful death of an intoxicated student - McKinley County (2012)

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