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Emergency Room Malpractice

As we rush our loved ones or ourselves to an Emergency Room, we hope that all goes well and that the medical staff waiting is skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, well trained, and properly supervised. Unfortunately, emergency room negligence cases are a unique sort of medical malpractice case. Unlike other types of medical malpractice claims such as surgical errors, emergency room malpractice cases can occur soon after arrival if the treating medical personnel breached the standard of care for their respective jobs and duties.

The potential medical personnel committing emergency room malpractice can include nurses, surgeons, emergency room physicians, medical technicians and other people who were present at the time. Even the ambulance personnel or aircraft emergency personnel responsible for the transporting from a home or crash scene to a hospital can be negligent causing serious injuries or death.

Although emergency room malpractice cases may not involve volumes of medical records, they can be just as complex as any other case. Typical emergency room malpractice cases can involve: a failure to properly diagnose and treat a condition, overmedication errors, inappropriate discharge, and even birth malpractice. They can also involve the credentialing of the emergency room staff and whether the hospital has reasonable policies and procedures. Emergency room negligence cases, like all medical malpractice cases typically require an expert witness to testify. With respect to emergency room malpractice cases, it is necessary to hire an emergency room physician or nurse to serve as an expert witness.

An emergency room medical malpractice case requires expert witness testimony and strong preparation for potential trial. The Barudin Law Firm has successfully pursued various medical malpractice cases ranging from failure to diagnose, treat, surgical errors, birth deliveries resulting in brain injuries or death, overmedication, and pharmacy errors.

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